Discover The National Park Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio – National Park . It is like the experience of Costa Rica for the first time absolutely unforgettable. Take a stroll or brisk walking (the choice is yours, because it is your journey) with highly qualified nature guide in Costa Rica instructed by our exotic woods, rich in tropical biodiversity preserved for more than 40 years, our treasure Manuel Antonio National park.

The pace of this adventure is determined by the skills and interests of your group and plenty of wildlife you want to stop and observe or learn about – all impressive in their natural habitat. See sloths and several species of monkeys travel through the tree tops, silky anteater night and various types of non-poisonous snakes resting in the forest and listen to the songs of various birds as they glide above your group, curiously in search ‘adventure

Learning about Manuel Antonio National Park

The Park It is so popular because of its extensive white sand beaches backed by a forest of evergreen that grows to the high tide line . The main inhabitants are primary forest , secondary forest , mangrove swamps , lagoons and beach vegetation . There is a varied fauna with 109 species of mammals and 184 of birds. The park includes 12 small islands off the coast ; often visited by a number of dolphins and whales migrate sometimes be observed.


Guided Tour Manuel Antonio  National Park

See how many different types of flora and fauna that can be detected in a nature walk 2:30 or walking. And when you are done, stop and enjoy the fresh local fruits and refreshments as you pause to savor your adventure so far. If you also want to walk the trails and enjoy the deserted beaches after the end of their educational tour adventure. Learning about the past history of Costa Rica with regard to this beautiful area of Manuel Antonio, and coming up with ideas on how to help preserve this ecosystem is priceless national treasure for generations to come up.


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